I burnt your hoodie tonight. I thought the part of me who still loved you might burn away when I did so but I sat there until the last embers turned to ash and nothing had changed. I thought maybe I’d be able to let go and let those feelings fade to nothing just as the smoke did into the sky but I still felt the same. I guess the only way to kill those feelings I feel for you will be to kill the soul that feels them in the first place. They are ingrained in every cell of blood that pulses through my body and I need to let those veins run dry.

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This is going to be long. Really, really long, and I apologise for that. I feel like this is a last chance to say everything I have left to say because I am quite confident in the fact that I will carry out my suicide today. This will be separated into two parts, the first - this one - is a more general letter addressing a variety of topics, while the second is more for Ethan than anyone else but that doesn’t stop you from reading it.

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